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Act. Analyze. Improve.


Analyze the source of daily traffic, the pages that received maximum hits, the most sought-after products, most queried keywords and pages with high bounce rates. With our suite of analytics, you can track when the customer has opened and viewed your email and know exactly which products they are interested in. Empower your team to continuously learn from past initiatives and fine-tune future campaigns.

Web Analytics to decode your success

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Media Optimization

  • Usability Analysis & Testing

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Tag Management

  • Report Integration

  • Competitive Intelligence


  • Analyze daily traffic

    Find your target audience and know how many visitors your site is receiving daily

  • See pages with maximum hits

    Determine the best product pages and work on them to make it content rich with actionable buttons

  • Track when a customer opens your mail

    Know when your customers receive, open and take action on your mail

  • Get to know most-viewed products

    See products that received maximum clicks, enhance product performance, get more opportunities to cross-sell

  • Get to know most queried keyword

    Know keywords that are sending more traffic, pair keywords to get more traction on low selling products/services

  • Determine pages with max bounce rates

    Get data for underperforming pages, the ones that have low engagement rates