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Offshore Development Centre

Most of our customers leverage their partnership and build relationships with us by utilizing our offshore dedicated software development center that extends its IT expertise and efficiency to its clients keeping everything cost effective. Opting for this arrangement helps you save on two important costs: infrastructure and hiring staff. Our team on contract works exclusively on your projects, and directly reports to you. In effect, you would be managing your project with complete control over the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) resources, as if they were at your own office. This also helps you tackle urgent and time-sensitive projects in a much more efficient manner.

Our expertise

  • Microsoft.NET

  • Java

  • Microsoft Dynamics


Phases In Setting Up An ODC

  • First Phase

    Physical Infrastructure such as office equipment, Development Environment and the assignment of skilled professionals with the set up based on your requirements. This phase takes around 2 – 4 weeks to complete.

  • Second Phase

    This phase is very critical to the long-term functioning of the ODC. It deals with the setting up of a functional process, which will be implemented and improved upon throughout the life of the ODC. detailed discussion is held to decide on the process to set up the Communication protocol, Operational efficiency/Reporting structure. Also, the specific roles and responsibilities for the personnel are finalized. The Project Delivery Methodology and the Escalation procedures are also arrived upon.