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Create and deliver
personalized catalogs

in minutes

The revolutionary catalog creator solution for online retail stores redefines the scale, speed, cost and ROI of catalog marketing. It lets you create and broadcast high quality, fully personalized interactive catalogs in minutes and not weeks. With eCAT customers can browse the catalog, create wish lists and order or request quotes right off the catalog. Or if they chose, click through to your website. Your sales team get real-time & accurate data for each catalog and campaign. eCAT authorizes the user to know when catalogs are opened and received. It also feeds the user with the knowledge of which products are viewed, shortlisted and ordered; which in turn lets you monitor customer behaviour patterns in the entire cycle.

Power Catalogs: Mass Customization In Minutes

With eCAT Power, you can use the power of customized catalogs to reach out to your customers in simple steps.

  • Select Cover

  • Select Products

  • Edit Pricing

  • Preview

  • Broadcast

  • Customize Cover

  • Generate