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  • Your business seeks innovation in personalization, the cross-channel consumers look for what is relevant to them when they land on your website. Our integrated technology connects your customers and brings on the table a shared values which are easily identified; your prospects get an anchored experience.

  • Apparel

    The apparel industry witness a huge online footfall on a daily basis. The challenges entail digital personalization to a competitive level where online portals struggle to deliver what customers are looking for. Our integrated system can help customize your website and boost sales.

  • Lighting

    The lighting industry is rapidly acquiring the online space because B2B eCommerce is rapidly growing, the success of your B2B eCommerce lies in how well you plan it strategically to build strong and long term customers. What we offer is a very specific set of tools that can enhance customer web experience, enabling them to take quick and effective decisions.

  • Furniture

    The eCommerce furniture domain has an average growth rate of 9.6% over the past five years. Ease of online shopping has deterred traditional methods and surpassed traditional sales. The availability of internet on phones and tablets have enabled consumers to make quick decisions. Therefore high end personalization plays an important role in the entire sales process. Our technology hand holds customers through the process which ultimately leads to favoured decisions.

  • Jewellery

    The jewelry industry was the fastest growing eCommerce segments through 2014. The reasons for such a growth spurt has been increased shopper experience, customization, product selection, improved product displays and better customer service. Our offering encompass all the vital ingredients that are necessary to make your jewelry business outshine others.

  • Industrial

    Industries which provide mechanical tools to the huge automobile and other heavy machinery is also making themselves available online. Availability of spare parts and other essentials are highly sought after things. The online presence helps customers to choose, compare and close upon the right deal. Our system allows these industries to make a strong connect with these customers.

  • Hospitality

    The hospitality industry faces a number of challenges in terms of managing their back-end operations and finance. Delivering personalized experience to guests is a primary challenge. Our backoffice services and technology solutions for this industry provides you with business tools that can adapt to the constantly changing business scenario.