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Enhance consumer shopping experience

B2C Commerce

Our B2C Commerce solution has all the tools you need to increase sales and improve the core of your business.

Ecommerce Management

We offer the right chemistry for your e-commerce success, solutions that let you create the ideal store for your consumers to experience a unified shopping environment that engages them meaningfully. Our solutions let you optimize your e-commerce site for top-grade performance along with a robust shopping cart.


  • Drive Traffic

    Identify target markets and get the right mix of seo, content marketing and networking to drive traffic to your website.

  • Conversions

    Funnel in quality and relevant traffic, convert visitors into long-term customers with offline and online tracking through website clicks and app interactions.

  • Customer management

    Capture data from shopping cart and update customer info so that customer care executives can build strong customer relationships.

  • Customer Retention

    Social, email marketing and analytics that will help identify customer satisfaction level, chances of recommendations, etc.

Case Studies/Testimonials

  • Case Study - Cross Media

    With Powerweave’s total catalog solution, the supplier has been able to seamlessly integrate their print, cd, and web catalog. This has helped them bring down costs by up to 35% and at the same time, they have been able to free valuable resource at their end for an improved customer service plan.



  • Testimonials

    "I have to say it's been a very nice upgrade from the site that we had before. Couple of things I've known, Powerweave was excellent in implementing and executing the site. They worked closely with us to try to get our flavor, of course it's a, it's one of their applied template in site but it stood up where we need their information presented in it. The people are good, they have highly responsive skill set because like in any situation there are issues that come up, they are very responsive to our request to get assistance or to teach us how to do something or may be fix a little glitches in the system: so we have been very happy with the website, it carries our…we are proud to have it as a representation of the Quikey…our company."
    Mike Burns, President
    Quikey Manufacturing Co