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B2B Commerce

Powerweave’s b2b commerce solutions are helping 100s of companies to become digital powerhouses.

Ecommerce Management

Every b2b business would love to give their customers an Amazon-like e-commerce experience. But there are some fundamental differences between buying complex products for a business and buying a shirt online. Powerweave takes in account factors like contracts, negotiated pricing, often accompanied with complex pricing rules, inventory transparency, special payment terms and methods, delivery and fulfilment to give you a unified e-commerce experience.


  • Personalization and customization

    Auto engage prospects with contextually relevant data, it’s all about how they engage and what they care for.

  • Interactive catalogs

    Electronic business marketplaces, direct links between businesses and virtual storefronts that capture all the emotions you want to convey.

  • Real-time inventory

    Readily available inventory data leads to informed decisions and boost revenue with cross-channel integration.

  • Order management

    Process all orders in one easy tool, update internal and external stakeholders at all times by allowing customer service representatives to process new orders.

Case Studies/Testimonials

  • Case Study - Cross Media

    With Powerweave’s total catalog solution, the supplier has been able to seamlessly integrate their print, cd, and web catalog. This has helped them bring down costs by up to 35% and at the same time, they have been able to free valuable resource at their end for an improved customer service plan.



  • Testimonials

    "I absolutely loved the website, it has taken my little company where we couldn't do anything on the internet and taken on some products to a whole different level, given us many more opportunities, we are now running specials, we are doing things, we are adding products, am going back to some old discontinued items that are not in my catalog and am adding them to my website one by one and then throwing out specials to my customers. Very helpful, very reasonably priced and we love their service."
    Harvey Mackler, Owner